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Pippi Pinafore by Jennifer Lauren Handmade pattern review

Hello blog! Long time no see. A huge amount has happened since my last post. I don't do the other job I used to have, but I currently have 3 jobs, of of which is as a professional costume designer which I am very pleased with. That being said, I am currently astronomical levels of… Continue reading Pippi Pinafore by Jennifer Lauren Handmade pattern review

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10 Minute Solution for Irritating Coats

Coats are amazing. Humans are bad at surviving outside for too long without clothing on, and coats do a great job of going one step further and keeping you cosy! They make you look cool or fun or casual or whatever else you want to be. Coats however, can also be really annoying. Fake pockets,… Continue reading 10 Minute Solution for Irritating Coats

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Done is Better than Perfect

Sometimes I have a hiatus from this blog. That's ok, life has a habit of getting in the way, or I have another project which takes up a lot of my time. Currently my workload has been rather stressful, although it is cooling down now. I've been rather frustrated at myself for not writing anything… Continue reading Done is Better than Perfect

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An Unfortunate Costume

Minor 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' spoilers ahead! Because my friends are the best, I was recently invited to a fancy dress party. The theme was ‘Villains/ antagonists from literature’, and we had a bit of a book swap at the bar too. If you know me at all you know that I am a… Continue reading An Unfortunate Costume

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Pattern Testing Jazz by Ready To Sew

I'm not sure about any of the expressions I gave in any of these photos... It’s me again! I’ve had a lot of exciting opportunities recently which is great, but does mean a lot less time for the old blog. That being said, I have a new make to show you all! It is my… Continue reading Pattern Testing Jazz by Ready To Sew

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Butterick 4872 Culottes

This pattern was originally my Mum’s from the past (I think the 80’s), and it has variations for culottes at different lengths, skirts and trousers. That’s pretty much all the types of clothing you can have on your bum! This pattern could be all you need. It’s an easy pattern, with minimal pieces. It’s pretty… Continue reading Butterick 4872 Culottes

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Restyling Exchange 2017

I know what you're thinking. This isn't Lottie, how did her hair grow that quickly? To that, I would say 'What are you talking about? Of course this isn't me, this is clearly another woman.' Welcome to my Restyling Exchange entry! This was my first time participating in a challenge of this type; sending things… Continue reading Restyling Exchange 2017