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Pippi Pinafore by Jennifer Lauren Handmade pattern review

Hello blog! Long time no see. A huge amount has happened since my last post. I don’t do the other job I used to have, but I currently have 3 jobs, of of which is as a professional costume designer which I am very pleased with. That being said, I am currently astronomical levels of busy and so blog has gone neglected, sad faces.

I come to you today with a review for Jennifer Lauren Handmade’s pattern the Pippi Pinafore. It’s a pinafore dress with side pockets and crossed straps. This pattern was gifted to me, but all opinions are my own.

Firstly the design itself is cute as a button, and I could immediately see it working for hot and cold climates depending on the pattern choice. I really want to make one in a tartan for winter if I ever get any ‘me exclusive’ sewing time again…

The pattern comes as a PDF with both sizes and cup sizes, so right off the bat you have a few options for fit which is a great sign. I range somewhere between the C-DD cup depending on the mood of my boobs that day, so I went for a C on this pattern. From my perspective, in this specific pattern I don’t think it’s quite so crucial to get your cup size right as the pinafore top is pretty forgiving, but do still bear it in mind.

Unlike some pdf patterns this one doesn’t have markings to indicate which page attaches to which, so there was a bit of jigsaw puzzling to do, but it does become pretty obvious what goes where, as there are only really 4 main pieces, plus the button facing/ band and the pockets.


This is a very well made pattern and I found the instructions really useful and easy to follow. There are some slightly fiddly bits with the button facings etc, but the diagrams help to make it nice and clear for you. The only thing I found a little confusing in the pattern was the marking of some notches with letters. I actually didn’t mark a lot of these because I thought they corresponded to cup sizes. Don’t make my mistake folks!

Let’s move onto what I ended up making! I used this vintage cotton lawn which I was slightly concerned might be too light, but actually it ended up perfect for this balmy weather we’ve been having. I love the pockets and I love the cross ties. I went for button holes for the straps rather than buckles for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I recently acquired a second sewing machine which is much better at doing buttonholes and I was enjoying practicing that. Secondly, I hate buying supplies if I have a workaround in my stash, and the end result looks so cute!

I did encounter a bit of an issue with the button facing which I am pretty sure was my fault but I thought I would mention it in case it comes up when you make it. I think the problem stemmed from my cut of the waistband and lining, as I did a rather rough and ready job of these pieces. I’m not sure if I ended up cutting them too long or too short, but it ended up that in order to attach the buttons I had to sew them onto the skirt back piece, rather than the facing as it’s meant to be. It isn’t really noticeable and I don’t really mind, but it was a bit perplexing. I honestly don’t think that was any fault of the pattern though, I’m almost certain it was my own error!

I’ve worn this a few times already and I love that the pockets will fit my phone and other bits and bobs, and I love how comfy it is while also giving a flattering silhouette. I didn’t make any alterations to the length and I think it’s pretty good on a short people like myself.


In conclusion, I want to make a winter version pronto and would definitely recommend this pattern!


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