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10 Minute Solution for Irritating Coats


Coats are amazing. Humans are bad at surviving outside for too long without clothing on, and coats do a great job of going one step further and keeping you cosy! They make you look cool or fun or casual or whatever else you want to be. Coats however, can also be really annoying. Fake pockets, misspelt slogans, and no hanging tags!

Ok, to be fair, this particular coat I did make, and didn’t put a tag in. But I also see this in ready to wear coats a lot, and it means I can’t hang it in the hallway. What am I going to do instead, hang it on a coat hanger in my wardrobe? Who do you think I am, a Carrie from SATC?


This is super easy. First, go to a place which sells fabric and crucially, other sewing stuff. Find these coat loops. Buy these coat loops.

Get some thread and needle. It doesn’t matter too much which colour. There’s lots of great tutorials on how to thread a needle and tie a knot in the end, so I’m not going to cover that now.


Now most coats will have a second layer of fabric at the centre back inside. Likely a lining of some sort, or perhaps a facing in the same fabric as the outer shell. What we are going to do here is sew the tag onto this facing, and not the outer. This way, you won’t be able to see the thread on the outside of your coat while you wear it on your adventures.

Take your threaded and knotted needle and put it in and out of the facing, nice and close to each other. This is basically what you are going to keep doing for the rest of this quick mend. Put the needle through one of the holes in the tag, and bring it to the facing so it’s flat against it. Working on one end of the tag and then the other, continue to draw the needle under, catching only the facing fabric, and then up through the tag hole. Work around the hole so you have nice and secure coverage. Tie a knot in the thread when you’re done, and move onto the next. You will most likely need to re-thread your needle during this.


And that’s it! So simple, and so effective. Now my Richard O’Brien themed coat can hang out with all my other outerwear in the hallway!


I made this before I started being vegetarian proper. Some good other options include ribbon, recycled belt loops or scraps of fabric. Just make sure they’re sewn on nice and sturdy!


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