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Done is Better than Perfect


Sometimes I have a hiatus from this blog. That’s ok, life has a habit of getting in the way, or I have another project which takes up a lot of my time. Currently my workload has been rather stressful, although it is cooling down now. I’ve been rather frustrated at myself for not writing anything sooner this time though. I’m not sure why- maybe it’s because I’ve got a couple of projects all photographed but not blogged. Maybe it’s because I feel like too much of my free hours have been spent on things which don’t improve me creatively, and I have this want to always be working forward in some way, unrealistic though that may be.


I think there is a part of me that has been focusing on the wrong part of this whole process though, worrying about my output rather than my creation. I’ve been working on some really exciting projects, both sewn and other, in the background recently. The ‘problem’ is that it’s not visible, which I think can make you think it’s not as valid.



If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear, does it still make a sound? Similarly, if you are creative and you don’t post it on Instagram, were you still making something of value? Your creativity is important for so many reasons, and you don’t have to be constantly completing things to show to your audience for it to still be valid. That being said, it’s worth recognising when something is still being worked on, and when something is festering in a cupboard somewhere and should really be aired. Like the title says, done is better than perfect. Perfect doesn’t really exist, and so you’ll never get anything done if you wait until it’s perfect. The trick is to work out which is which in each individual case, something easier said than done!


In spirit of my own advice, here is a post. I was given this second hand dress from a relative, and it’s taken me a couple of years to get into the idea of wearing it to be honest. It’s by a London based clothing brand called Pyrus, and it’s 100% silk which put me off. The fabric is gorgeous but I am not one to make regular trips to the dry cleaners so I was pretty sure I would never wear it. Then, one day I decided to bite the bullet, give it a baptism of fire in my washing machine and see what happens. I hadn’t looked at the website for Pyrus at the time so I hadn’t quite comprehended the cost of the original garment was, and if I had I may have been less enthusiastic about potentially ruining it…


Luckily for me, it worked fine! Silk can be washed in your machine if you are careful, but be aware it may lose it’s sheen a bit, although that doesn’t bother me. There was a button missing at the top, making it a little too gapey at first. Easily rectified, I found a button pretty similar in my stash, and now I have a really splendid dress I can wear for all sorts of occasions. These photos were taken weeks ago and only now when I went to upload them did I realise that our wifi password was in a very prominent location on nearly all of them. Some rather heavy cropping, and it’s good to go. Done is better than perfect.


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