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In Colourful Company Manchester Colour Walk


Ok so I try to not apologise for late posts on here because hey, free content and hobbies, but this is slightly ridiculous. Back in SEPTEMBER I attended my first ever Colour Walk organised by the lovely In Colourful Company crew. I was very nervous because I decided to go by myself, but didn’t know anyone going. Luckily, this was in my hometown of Manchester which meant I was at least a bit in my comfort zone there!

What happens on a colour walk is you all meet up at a designated place, meet the organisers (for this one it was @bianca_prince @fernandesmakes and @karenanita), who then take you on a fun colourful route around the city. There are lots of photo opportunities and chances to chat to like minded fab people, and it was a really nice day. Some people even recognised me from the internet, which was very cool!

A big part of the colour walks is that we wear our most brightly coloured garb, which I thought was a good opportunity for a new get up. I found this really cute dress in Thrift Manchester with this blue fabric with little white dots, maybe bubbles? I think it must have been handmade because none of the seams had been finished and they were falling apart somewhat. I didn’t iron it before taking these photos, because I believe in showing you the real deal.

Luckily, the shape was pretty drowning on me so I planned on changing it anyway! I was under a real self imposed deadline so I didn’t work off any pattern self drafted or no. I first put a zip into the back seam, so I could make it smaller while still being able to get in and out of it. I wasn’t sure the neckline would scale down to my finished dress but in the end it was fine, so hooray for not having to work all that out.

I took the classic tactic of trying on, pinning, sewing, trying on, repeat until happy and then cut and finish the seams. That being said, if you were doing this neatly you’d make sure it remained symmetrical, which I did not. I made some front central darts which I’m really pleased with fit wise, even though they are totally asymmetrical. Although, bodies are very very rarely symmetrical, so I guess I am actually making a political point about the homogenization of bodies in commercial settings… or something.

I was super nervous about this colour walk, but everyone was really nice and friendly, which really helped. I’m planning to go to another once I emerge from this hibernation of winter.


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