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10 Minute Solution for Irritating Coats

Coats are amazing. Humans are bad at surviving outside for too long without clothing on, and coats do a great job of going one step further and keeping you cosy! They make you look cool or fun or casual or whatever else you want to be. Coats however, can also be really annoying. Fake pockets,… Continue reading 10 Minute Solution for Irritating Coats

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Done is Better than Perfect

Sometimes I have a hiatus from this blog. That's ok, life has a habit of getting in the way, or I have another project which takes up a lot of my time. Currently my workload has been rather stressful, although it is cooling down now. I've been rather frustrated at myself for not writing anything… Continue reading Done is Better than Perfect

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Mending: Space Dress Edition

It’s no secret that I love my space print Lilou. So much so that I am seriously thinking about making another space printed Lilou… I learnt a lot of skills during this make, the main one being there is a reason patterns give a recommended zip length. I went for one way too short because… Continue reading Mending: Space Dress Edition

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Me-Made-May ’16- My Pledge

This is very exciting. For anyone who may not know, Me Made May is the creation of Zoe of So, Zo..., where you challenge yourself to wear and love your handmade wardrobe. Each participant sets their own specific pledge, and the idea is to challenge yourself to get your makes into regular circulation, and to work… Continue reading Me-Made-May ’16- My Pledge

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My Style- Moving and a Pledge

Hello party people of the internet! I'm moving into a new place which means I've been without internet until today. I now feel super connected, the internet is wonderful. Never leave me, internet. As a result, I've not been doing much making of things, but I have been doing wearing of things. I mean, of… Continue reading My Style- Moving and a Pledge

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Mending: Awkward Jeans

I like to think of myself as a pretty cool person. I wear clothes made out of duvets, knit jumpers with owls on them, and watch videos of roller coasters I'm not ever likely to ride. But occasionally something happens which shakes my perfectly awesome image. I was showing off my yoga skillz in my… Continue reading Mending: Awkward Jeans