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Refashioned Peep Show Shirt

All of you who follow me on Instagram saw a sneak peek of this project, and I can now show you all the finished product! I really enjoyed this one. This refashion starts with a man's XL shirt I found on Ebay. I know, it's a darn good look for me. I bought it with the idea of refashioning,… Continue reading Refashioned Peep Show Shirt

DIY, Refashion, Sewing

Refashioned America Dress

I had this blue dress from H&M for many years, and I loved wearing it. It lasted years until a combination of shrinking over many washes and me growing upwards meant I had to stop wearing it, for fear of my cheeks getting cold. Too much? You've all been there.   The fit on this… Continue reading Refashioned America Dress

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Me-Made-May ’16- My Pledge

This is very exciting. For anyone who may not know, Me Made May is the creation of Zoe of So, Zo..., where you challenge yourself to wear and love your handmade wardrobe. Each participant sets their own specific pledge, and the idea is to challenge yourself to get your makes into regular circulation, and to work… Continue reading Me-Made-May ’16- My Pledge