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Drapey Coco top

I told you another Coco was on the cards! Pretty much as soon as the last hem was finished on my green Tilly and the Buttons Coco dress I was cutting out my next. I purchased this remnant of drapey jersey from Abakhan Fabrics in Manchester because I thought it was enough to make a… Continue reading Drapey Coco top

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Tilly and the Buttons Orla Top

This make was rather a long time coming. All the way back in September, I was encouraged to buy this teal crepe from Sew Over It by Pocket for Sweets, during the Instagram challenge Sew Photo Hop. I got their jade crepe. Such a beautiful colour! I knew I wanted to make an Orla… Continue reading Tilly and the Buttons Orla Top

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Mending: Space Dress Edition

It’s no secret that I love my space print Lilou. So much so that I am seriously thinking about making another space printed Lilou… I learnt a lot of skills during this make, the main one being there is a reason patterns give a recommended zip length. I went for one way too short because… Continue reading Mending: Space Dress Edition

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I made a dress of space! I’m so excited about this one. Firstly, thank you to everyone who commented on my last blog post, whether on the blog, social media, or in real life! You’re all brilliant and lovely, and I’m glad my sentiments on not succeeding resonated with people. As a quick recap, I… Continue reading Spaced

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On Not Being Good

Have you ever been really enthusiastic about a project, then unsure if you're good enough to execute it properly? I have been working on a dress for a little while now. It’s a really exciting project, one where you eat supper double quick to get more time to sew in the evening, then end up… Continue reading On Not Being Good

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Me-Made-May ’16: Weekend 2

This weekend was so summery, it caught me off guard. I felt like I needed some kind of official email or something in advance, telling me tights weren't needed. Saturday 7th On Saturday I took Michael on a surprise trip to see Matilda the Musical on a gloriously sunny day in London. I brought a… Continue reading Me-Made-May ’16: Weekend 2

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Me-Made-May ’16: Weekend 1

Weekend one of Me-Made-May is over, so here is a little round up post for it. In case you don't know what on earth I am talking about you can find my pledge here. For all of you which follow me on Instagram (and thank you to all those who do, it's really lovely to have that support), you… Continue reading Me-Made-May ’16: Weekend 1

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Tilly and the Buttons Megan Dress

I love the pattern on this dress. As with my previous creations from Love at First Stitch (the Red Corduroy Delphine Skirt and the Refashioned America Dress), the book helped me every step of the way, and this is my first solo dress made by me from start to finish. I actually made this dress a few months ago, but… Continue reading Tilly and the Buttons Megan Dress

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Refashioned America Dress

I had this blue dress from H&M for many years, and I loved wearing it. It lasted years until a combination of shrinking over many washes and me growing upwards meant I had to stop wearing it, for fear of my cheeks getting cold. Too much? You've all been there.   The fit on this… Continue reading Refashioned America Dress