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Drapey Coco top

close up coco topI told you another Coco was on the cards! Pretty much as soon as the last hem was finished on my green Tilly and the Buttons Coco dress I was cutting out my next. I purchased this remnant of drapey jersey from Abakhan Fabrics in Manchester because I thought it was enough to make a top, and I was right! There’s a little bit left but there definitely wasn’t enough for a dress version.

coco top nothern quarter

This fabric was much more lightweight than the sturdy medium weight jersey I used for my first Coco, and that did make it a bit trickier to sew. That being said, it’s a pretty forgiving pattern and unlike the first one I didn’t take any in from the sides, which made it even more forgiving! If there are curvy seams anywhere here it’s basically impossible to tell…

Coco top

I am pleased with this addition to my wardrobe, I always saying that I don’t have enough handmade tops to go with my handmade skirts and culottes, and this feels so suitable for the coming autumn. Here I am looking cool in the Northern Quarter in Manchester, but I can see this top styled with a mustard a-line skirt for a slightly different look. Now I just have to make said skirt.

Northern Quarter

Oh also, I realised I didn’t really mention on here that I changed my hair colour rather drastically… I mean you could probably tell but yeah, it’s pink now. I love it even more than the last time I was pink, which was 2014. Here’s a bonus photo of me back then-

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#mmmay14 self drafted dress for Bowie night!

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I think I’m maintaining it a lot better this time too. Mainly, this is because I’m not a struggling student, which means I can afford to buy pink friendly shampoo. Also Michael was a dab hand at the bleach! Who knew. that being said, I did forget to add any wax on the day these photos were taken, so you have to enjoy a reasonable amount of hair fluffiness here.

Coco top patterned


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