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My First Foray into Lingerie

I hate bra shopping. I mean, I’m not super keen on clothes shopping in general, but bras are stressful. Boobs are not grown in set cup sizes, and also are not symmetrical, unless you payed for them to be I guess. I wonder if buying bras is easier after a boob job? Anyway, in this… Continue reading My First Foray into Lingerie

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Me-Made-May ’16 Weekend’s 3 & 4

Apologies to anyone who saw this post before it had any words on it- I was trying to get to grips with the WordPress app on my phone and I pressed the wrong buttons. This weekend's Me-Made-May weekend round up is a double whammy. Work and other projects have been taking up most of my… Continue reading Me-Made-May ’16 Weekend’s 3 & 4

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Make Thrift Buy Community Challenge- Scallops

One of my favourite sewing internet types out there is Annika of The Pineneedle Collective. She has a great Youtube channel and her Make Thrift Buy episodes are so inspiring. I'm part of the Community Challenge Group and this month we were challenged to make something inspired by this skirt from Urban Outfitters- It's pretty cute,… Continue reading Make Thrift Buy Community Challenge- Scallops