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My First Foray into Lingerie

I hate bra shopping. I mean, I’m not super keen on clothes shopping in general, but bras are stressful. Boobs are not grown in set cup sizes, and also are not symmetrical, unless you payed for them to be I guess. I wonder if buying bras is easier after a boob job? Anyway, in this frustration I realised it might be time for me to give making a bra a go.

Following this excellent tutorial by Annika Victoria, I used a scrap of stretch lace left over from this dress refashion, and I mean scrap. I squeezed the pieces out and hoped they were close enough to correct first time.

I basically followed the tutorial to the letter. Next time I’d like to add some more length on the bottom though, I think I measured a little short. Also, since I’m making these on my own measurements, I think I should make two sets of pattern pieces for each boob, to properly tailor the bra to me.


Annika uses normal elastic for her bralette, but I had a load of fold over elastic I purchased for using in underwear one day. I didn’t really know how to use it (and clearly wasn’t feeling researching it for some reason), so I just kind of treated it like bias binding, sewing it into place wrong sides together, then folding it over and sewing it down. It’s fine for this make, but I feel like i could look a bit more polished so I’ll work on that next time.

There will definitely be a next time because this was a lot of fun, and a very quick project, getting everything done in one evening. I made the straps cross over at the back which I really like. The fit isn’t perfect but it’s a perfectly wearable first go. Plus, since it doesn’t have any wires it’s very comfortable regardless.


I don’t have any photos of me wearing this bralette from the front because… well… it’s a black lace bralette with no lining. I do, however, have this photo from the back-


Cute! Ignoring the extremely crumpled skirt, which is not so cute…


Me-Made-May ’16 Weekend’s 3 & 4

Apologies to anyone who saw this post before it had any words on it- I was trying to get to grips with the WordPress app on my phone and I pressed the wrong buttons. This weekend’s Me-Made-May weekend round up is a double whammy. Work and other projects have been taking up most of my energy at the moment.

Saturday 14th


Eurovision day called for a red, white and blue theme. This is a darn comfy outfit. This skirt was made during a very low time of my life so it’s extra fun look means a lot to me every time I wear it. It’s made from a second hand baby duvet and a remnant I got from John Lewis years ago. I followed Annika Victoria’s 30 Minute Skirt Video Tutorial which is great for when you want to make something to wear, but want it quick and easy.


… I saw a bird.

Skirt: Handmade (unblogged)

Top: Second hand

Cardigan: Second hand

Shoes: Docs

Sunday 15th


This top is my first refashion. I bought it second hand, removed the sleeves, resized and got rid of a load of sequins. All by hand. Yeah, this was whilst I was in halls at uni and didn’t have my sewing machine with me. It has french seams and everything! Impressive work, past me.

Top: Handmade (unblogged)

Trousers (not pictured): H&M

Saturday 21st


This outfit is basically the same as the first time I styled this skirt. Not sorry. Also, although this skirt is cute and it was fun to make, it did not do well in the winds the day threw at me. Also, those scallops would definitely benefit from an iron and I just do not want to do that.


Hmm, looks like my hair didn’t do well in the wind either.

Skirt: Make Thrift Buy Community Challenge- Scallops

Top: H&M

Cardigan: John Lewis

Sunday 22nd


This was a lovely day, so some outdoor photos! Man, photos look so much better outdoors. This dress was one I found in a charity shop and had to have because polka dots, and refashioned to fit. It isn’t a perfect fit (the bust is tight, as you can see in these photos), but I like it for now. If it ever gets too much, it’ll be pretty easy to make this into a skirt.


Sometimes I think I should post nice photos, and sometimes I like not being perfect.


Dress: Refashioned (unblogged)

Cardigan: White Stuff (which I changed the buttons of. I love doing that on cardigans, such an easy transformation)

Shoes: Docs

Bag: Second hand


I hope you all have a good week. See you later!








Make Thrift Buy Community Challenge- Scallops

One of my favourite sewing internet types out there is Annika of The Pineneedle Collective. She has a great Youtube channel and her Make Thrift Buy episodes are so inspiring. I’m part of the Community Challenge Group and this month we were challenged to make something inspired by this skirt from Urban Outfitters-

urban outfitters skirt.jpg
Link to original skirt

It’s pretty cute, no? I liked the scallops, the colour and the button fastening, so I wanted to try and make something pretty true to the original. The challenge encourages using recycled materials, and I already had a yellow Laura Ashley duvet cover in my stash which I had been waiting for a project for, so now was its day.

To make the pattern I followed this video by Q2HAN, having to re-stick various bits of scrap paper together as I made a fair few mistakes following it. In hindsight what I should have done is altered the individual pattern pieces, probably with a lining to create the large scallops on the original skirt. Buuutt, I didn’t have enough lining material lying around and I was on a roll so I didn’t want to go buy new materials. This skirt ended up being made entirely from stuff I already had, which makes it feel like a free skirt. Hey, free skirt! So what I ended up doing is at the stage of the video when it tells you to hem it, I roughly followed this tutorial for a scalloped edge by Colette. Basically, you, turn the hem right sides together, mark the scallops, sew along the lines, then cut the excess, press and turn. It’s a really easy way of getting scallops without cutting a separate facing or similar.

Another challenge in this project was making button holes for the first time. My sewing machine is a Frister and Rossmann Cub 7 and it was my Mum’s when she turned 18. It still works like a charm but it can be tricky to work out how to do non standard things. I found a manual online (we’re living in the future people) and did a LOT of practise button holes. Oh man, this stuff’s like magic! I’m itching to make button holes again now, they’re so satisfying.

Anyway, enough, babbling on, let’s see some photos of the finished result. As soon as I finished the (quite thematically summery) skirt, the weather was terrible for days, so these were taken in my apartment. IMG_1047It may be seasonally inappropriate, and the scallops may be way smaller than the original, but I think it looks pretty damn cute. IMG_1054Look how closely the scallops match up at the front completely by accident! Also how nice is this pattern? I’m so glad I rescued it from the charity shop.IMG_1059As a well done for reading this far, here’s a super awkward photo of me in my bathroom. I’ve learnt a lot from this make and I look forward to wearing it in the real, outside world soon.