Me Made May 2017 Round Up

I generally really enjoyed participating in Me Made May this year. Last year I had a corporate job where I needed to wear formal workwear, and so my pledge was only for weekends wearing handmade. This year, I have a job with a more casual dress code, and so I decided to stretch myself and wear at least one item made or refashioned by myself every day in May. I also decided to document every day’s outfit on Instagram. I wasn’t sure if I would manage to be honest, I’ve done ‘do this thing every day’ things before and I always find it hard to maintain. However, I managed it! I only missed one day and had to post a flatlay of the outfit the next morning, which is an achievement in itself.

What did I reach for most? I decided to break it down. Apologies in advance for the slightly grainy quality of the photos, I could have probably done better but I just used my phone to extract these from Instagram and so even though they were pretty high quality before, that’s now been lost by my shortcuts.



Refashioned turtle neck top– my most recent and therefore favourite top right now. I wore it three times, twice in the exact same outfit!


Refashioned top (unblogged)- This was one of my first makes, so much so one of the side seams is hand sewn! It’s cute.


Refashioned top– A classic. Not much to say, it’s pretty simply but most of my stretch tops are plain so having a patterned one is nice.


Refashioned jeans (unblogged)- These were a real transformation- I was all ready to donate this, but thought I would give it a second life and now I really like them. I also made this Richard O’Brien coat, but only wore it the once.


Tablecloth skirt– it’s a bit big, but I kind of grew to like this skirt after this month.


Delphine skirt– My old reliable, looking a little big in the waist but very easy to wear. Rather boring combinations this month but there you go.


Refashioned skirt– I really like this skirt with any plain top, it’s a good addition to my wardrobe.


Lilou dress– My not so secret favourite- fun story, I actual found another one of these duvets on Depop and so I have more of this amazing fabric! Exciting. I also wore my new bralette a couple of times this month.


DIY Annika skirt (unblogged)- One of my first items of clothing, made from a second hand baby duvet. Another old reliable, it looks good with most of my tops.


Refashioned skirt– Floaty, suitable length for work without tights, pretty good May item. It doesn’t go with too many things in my wardrobe though…


Refashioned dress– This is such a fun dress and I love it. I was apparently restrained and only wore this dress twice  this month.


Skirt– And the winner (not that it was a competition) of this year’s Me Made May is this skirt. I love it, I feel put together and chic and it goes with so many tops I own, which is impressive given the bold pattern. More of this type of successful sewing items please!

And there were these items I wore only once-

It wasn’t warm enough most of the time for this skirt (unblogged), and then I think I might have broken the zip :O I haven’t looked at it properly yet for a true diagnosis.

I am not really feeling this top, I might need to let it find a new home…

Love this top, love this skirt, since that day it wasn’t warm enough!

I actually wore this twice, but one time I changed later in the day and took the photo of the second outfit.

There were some notable absences from my wardrobe this month. I didn’t wear any hand knitted items, which I think is a combination of the strange weather, and possibly drawing attention to the hand knitted gaps in my wardrobe. I’m not sure what to do about that at the moment. I love knitting and I want to knit more jumpers and cardigans, but I already have so many second hand and purchased ones in heavy rotation! I don’t want an overflowing wardrobe of stuff, I don’t have the room. I also planned on wearing my teal Orla top a few times, but ended up not putting it on at all, because it came out of the wash super creased and I didn’t fancy ironing ONCE this month apparently. In fact, it’s still in a corner of my room waiting for some care and attention. Also, I would have worn my Megan dress, but a hole has developed in the zip seam and I haven’t got around to fixing it yet…

Wearing my handmade items also drew attention to what I have made and actually wear. Firstly, I should make some more day dresses. My space print Lilou is amazing, but I need more of that kind of easy out together but comfy set up. Also, I have made lots of skirts. I didn’t realise how much of my me made wardrobe was skirts until this month. I love my new turtleneck refashion and I want more like right now.

Some people specify in their pledges to not wear any repeats in the month, which I omitted for two reasons. One, I don’t really have enough handmade items to do that. Secondly, for me part of the reason I make my own clothes is to create a more sustainable wardrobe, and being able to re-wear items multiple times is part of ensuring my clothes are a resource being used to their full potential. I learnt a lot by allowing repeats about what I enjoy wearing for multiple occasions.

Lastly, we took a lot of photos this month. For each post on Instagram I probably got Michael to take roughly three which didn’t make the cut. I thought it might be fun to show you some of them, as a reward for getting to the bottom of the post. Enjoy, and here’s to next year’s Me Made May!



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