Reel Life: Suzy Bishop

Suzy Bishop dress

This is a very popular choice for my next Reel Life, if the sewing community is anything to go by. I have seen so many adorable handmade costumes for Moonrise Kingdom and I can’t say I blame them. What a gorgeous aesthetic to be inspired by! I wish my whole life was hued like a Wes Anderson film.

This is a rather Tilly and the Buttons heavy post, which is no bad thing! Of course, the perfect way to emanate Suzy’s pink dress would be to make a Francoise dress, with long sleeves with a contrast cuff, and a white collar.

Suzy Bishop coat

Tilly also made an excellent version of Suzy’s coat using the Watson pattern from Papercut Patterns. I love that little caplet. I know that this pattern has a slightly shorter hemline than the one in the film. I guess you could lengthen it, but I would be wary if you’re not super confident, as its lines and your hips then happen and all sorts. But if you want to, you do you on this coat.

There are so many free tutorials on how to make a felt beret, and so make one in pink to top this outfit off, and be ready to elope. Don’t forget your portable record player!

For more Wes Anderson dressmaking goodness, hop over to Smile and Make, where Lucy has a Wes Anderson inspired series. Her Grand Budapest Hotel dress is lovely!


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