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Mending: Jumper Edition

DSC01070I am loving this weather at the moment! I’ve been spending my free time out and about enjoying the sunshine, so here’s a mend from the archives of my wardrobe. Although, while I’m writing this it has suddenly decided to bucket it down…


I got this jumper years ago from H&M (where basically all of my shop bought clothes are from), and enjoyed it’s mossy look. It’s a lot older now, which means the bobbles have… created an even more mossy experience? That’s what I’ll tell myself anyway.


At some point, a hole developed at the collar, and I was also growing a little bored of the jumper. Was it time to say goodbye to good old mossy?


I thought I would give a go at mending it, and did a rather messy darn. In fairness to me, this was in my early mending days. To hide the work, I decided to sew running stitch around the collar in blue wool from my stash.

Turns out, I like the jumper even more now, and I’ve kept it ever since. Good job mossy!



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