Reel Life- Judy Hopps


Welcome to another edition of Reel Life, where I find ways you can dress like your favourite characters from screen in the outside world. I love Zootopia/ Zootropolis/ whatever you call it where you live, and so I had to create a look for Lieutenant Judy Hopps. Excitingly, you can recreate this look with independent patterns.

Rowan bodysuit

Her whole outfit is very fitted, and so I’ve gone for stretch fabric patterns. Megan Nielsen released two gorgeous new patterns earlier this month and seeing the Rowan bodysuit I knew it would be a great fit for the top half of the outfit. Judy Hopps wears a police uniform which actually looks like it’s all in one piece, and the Rowan bodysuit creates a seamless silhouette, very effectively recreating the look. The colour on this example photo is almost correct already! I would use the turtleneck long sleeved options, and I would open out the neck pattern piece, curve the edges down, and create a faux mandarin collar similar to Judy’s. The neck might need extra interfacing to keep its shape depending on your fabric choice.

I like the armbands she wears, and you shouldn’t need a pattern for these. Get some stretch fabric, possibly ribbed, and cut a rectangle to fit around your arm. I would curve the end outwards to fit over your hand like Judy’s do. Or, alternatively you could adapt the cuff of your Rowan top and create an even more integrated look. So many possibilities!

Virginia Leggings

For the bottoms I think these Virginia leggings (also from Megan Nielson) would be great- comfy for all those chase scenes whilst also stylish. Bonus points for adding knee patches in grey stretch fabric.

Flora dress

Lastly, the police vest. There are a couple of ways this could be achieved in a real world sense. You could make just the top half of a pinafore pattern, bringing together the side seams with bands at the sides. You could perhaps knit a tank top, complete with police badge incorporated into the design? Or, I realised that the bodice of the Flora dress from By Hand London looks quite similar in shape. I would make it up slightly larger than usual, in order to account for the bodysuit underneath.

And there we have it! All ready to solve animal related crime.

Which characters from film and TV would you love to dress like on an everyday basis? Let me know in the comments and you may see it in a future Reel Life post!


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