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A Couple of Updates

Happy new year everyone! I’ve been pretty absent this last month so I thought I’d give a few updates just to tide us over here at Losori.


Firstly, I’ve unfortunately not been making things recently because I’ve simply been too busy. I know, sad faces. I’m moving both job and city and flat at the moment which means most of our evenings are spent sorting all that out. Therefore, I also don’t have much time for blogging. This is all very exciting, although in this regard a little sad, as I like doing both of these things a lot. I promise once I’m in a better position I will be revving up my sewing machine’s engine like there’s no tomorrow!


Onto more positive things, I hope you’ve noticed I’ve got a new banner! It was drawn for me by the very talented Becca Drake. I’m so very happy with it, and Becca seemed to exactly work out what I had in my head, even though I’m pretty sure I gave really terrible aims. Like I sent this photo-


And said ‘Like this but illustrated and in like space. With like smears of colour?’


And from that what a beauty was birthed. I love it. I was planning to introduce it with a launch of my new website, but, well, see paragraph two for why that hasn’t happened yet.
Hopefully it won’t be too long until we speak again, and go check out Becca’s blog, Drake’s Doodles, for more examples of her lovely work.


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