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Reel Life: Wreck it Ralph


Not my image… obviously

Here’s something a little different today. I love costumes and thinking about how the outfits in the films I watch were made. Clothing and costume design in a more formal sense is actually an academic interest of mine, studying it a bit at uni and still considering studying it further in the future. Without realising it, I have been looking at film costumes, and in the back of my mind trying to work out what patterns I could make it out of. So, I thought it might be fun to show some examples here of some costumes you can recreate for yourself, and the wear your favourite character’s outfit in Reel Life! Tada, that’s why it’s called that! Ok, I know it’s silly, but go with me here.

Ooh, bear in mind I have not necessarily used these patterns before, so they don’t come personally recommended from me in terms of making things from them.

Today I’ve been looking at Wreck it Ralph. What a sweet guy. You too can be this diamond in the rough, and all you need is-


Misses Overalls Kwik Sew Sewing Pattern 3897

Wreck it Ralph’s overalls are an essential bit of kit- it’s messy work wrecking a skyscraper over and over again all day. Just swap out the blue denim shown here for brown, and you’ve got the base of this outfit. Extra points for wearing it with the left side unbuckled.


Misses Easy Seperates New Look 6403

I’m  stickler for accuracy and so even though you only see a bit of it, here’s a pattern for the undershirt. It took me a bit of time to find a jersey top pattern with the right high neckline, surprisingly.


Mccalls m6747 Henley Maxi T-Shirt Dress

Finally, we’ve got Ralph’s shirt. This is a short sleeved Henley shirt, a neckline not as often used for female shirts. I’ve got some pajamas with that button placket, which to be fair is where the design originated from. However, Mccalls m6747 works nicely for it! Also, looks like it’s reduced on this site at the moment, double win. This pattern does have 5 buttons instead of three on Ralph’s, so depending on how much you care about accuracy you might need to make some little alterations to the top. You can shorten the placket which, give that it’s just straight lines on the centre front and placket pieces, shouldn’t be too complicated. Or, you could go for more oversized buttons and spread the three out across the placket for a more cartoony look.

All in all, this would be a pretty simple cosplay to whip up. I think the hardest bit would be finding a jersey in the red and orange check…


Have a pattern you think would be perfect for this costume? Got a film you’d like to see recreated in patterns? Let me know in the comments 🙂


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