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Nasty Man Costume

I’ve not been able to do a huge amount of full on sewing in the last couple of weeks, but I have been managing a bit of hand embroidery. It’s been a good thing to do when watching a film, on the train or at the pub- don’t judge me. We went to a Halloween party this weekend, themed around something very scary. I won’t say who it is, but it’ll become pretty obvious shortly.

Most of the outfit was made from stuff I already had, plus a suit jacket way too big for me (it helped my hands look tiny) I got from a charity shop. I wanted to make at least a little something for it, and so I bought these plain red hats from Ebay to make some campaign hats.


To add my own slogan, I simply typed the word out, tracing it off with baking paper. Then, I pinned the template onto the hat, lining up the middle and making sure it’s not wonky. I used satin stitch mainly, making decisions pretty much just as I went along.


Anyway, that’s it! It was a bit fiddly, especially because of the separate bit on the front keeping it sturdy. What is that bit called? I had to keep holding that out of the way. But, I really like how they’ve turned out! I think I might wear them just around in normal life… If anyone asks why my hat says HATRED, I’ll just tell them it says HAT RED, it’s purely descriptive.

DSC00618 (2).JPG

I thought about getting a photo of the whole costume, but I thought it would be too scary/ I was too busy playing charades to get any good full length shots on the night.

I hope you’ve all had a good Halloween time! I’m off to look at costumes on Instagram because gosh darn it I love costumes.


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