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Make an Embroidered Card

Giving cards is great. Giving a personalised one can be even funner. Here’s how to make a monogrammed card – spoilers, it’s super easy and fun. Did you guys ever have those cards which you ‘embroidered’ with shoelaces? It’s similar, but way nicer than those.

First, draw your letter onto your card. Use pencil and copy from a picture if like me, you suddenly forget what an L looks like.


Then, it’s time to pierce holes in the card. I have a card piercing tool but I couldn’t find it so I just used the needle I was planning to use for the embroidery. Place them a good distance away from each other, so you won’t break the card.



Get a rubber and rub out the pencil lines at this point.


Next, get your embroidery thread. I used three strands because that allows the embroidered line to be thick, but doesn’t add too much bulk.

Usually when I hand sew I knot the thread beforehand. However, I didn’t want that strain on the card (seeing a key point here guys? Don’t make the card stressed!), so I left a bit of a tail going up, put the needle down through the next hole, then up again through the original hole.


Now, gently backstitch your letter. Finish off by gently looping the thread into a knot through the last stitch at the back.


This is such a simple make but I like how you can use it to personalise your greeting. Just add a little note for the receiver, and you’ve got yourself a neat little offering.



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