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A Cat Called Christmas


Such mudels. Also let’s take a moment to appreciate how pretty this shirt is? It was brand new 100% silk from Boden and I got it from a charity shop for a tenner. 

For Christmas I got a cat! Well, a kit to make a cat, like a crafty Frankenstein. It came with everything you needed to make the cat, including the thread which is cool. It was really easy to put together, except for the pattern making part. You have to trace the pattern from the paper instructions and piece the body pieces together, which is fine, but I didn’t notice that the pattern pieces didn’t have seam allowance included. I didn’t notice, in fact, until I had already cut out one of the body pieces. I hid the project/ my shame in a bag for a while (don’t try this at home kids), until I could be bothered to draw the seam allowances onto the fabric with the original template pinned down.

This is just with a biro, nothing fancy

The tail is meant to be stripey, and comes in little segments, which I cut from alternating fabric. I sewed these bits together by hand, which made it feel like I was quilting or something. This was fun but I couldn’t be bothered to do the same for the back of the cat, so I decided to use the tail as a pattern for the other bit of the tail. it’s easy, simply pin the fabric to the tail, right sides together, then cut it out.


Oh wait, hang on one whisker. Yup, I cut out the back of the tail incorrectly, so now I have a too small cat piece and a spare tail piece. I’m waiting to work out what to do with them.


That’s more like it. So, I sewed them together nice and close. Then, before turning the right way around I cut into the seam allowance, to ensure a nice shape.IMG_1194IMG_1195

You stuff the tail first, then sew it into the body shape, which you then stuffed. Stuffing was fun, although there were a few fiddly bits like the feet where it was a bit of a task getting them filled out nicely. Close it up, and my creation was alive.


How cute are they? I’ve named them Christmas for obvious reasons.


And the back. I topstiched the stripes and face (both felt) on very carefully using a red thread, which seemed like the best way of securing them. They have a little leg in the middle but I find that charming.


And here they are gazing at the sunset. What a poser.



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