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Tilly and the Buttons Megan Dress

I love the pattern on this dress. As with my previous creations from Love at First Stitch (the Red Corduroy Delphine Skirt and the Refashioned America Dress), the book helped me every step of the way, and this is my first solo dress made by me from start to finish. I actually made this dress a few months ago, but I had made the front section with the darts way too tight. This was my own fault, and it just wasn’t comfortable to wear as a result. In fact, I wore it to a pub quiz and realised half way through that as a result of the tight front, the zip had burst from its stitches at the back. Hastily hidden with my coat. However, I finally got round to fiddling about with them until they fit, and here’s the finished result!


This photo shows up the colours of the fabric reasonably well. It’s a thick cotton check, meaning that although it has short sleeves I can see it working on colder days too, with a red cardigan or jumper. This fabric was good to work with, because its thickness meant it gripped easily to my machine, and the lines made cutting easier. However, it frayed like a motha, which meant copious amounts of zigzag stitching on the raw edges to try and keep the pieces from falling apart. That wasn’t so fun.

The dress is made of a fitted high bodice and darted skirt, with gathered cap sleeves. I’m pleased with my first attempt at capped sleeves, but to be honest I find these sleeves a little uncomfortable, due to their lack of movement. I like to gesticulate a lot, chaps. Other than that, I really like this pattern and I can see it being one I would like to use again in the future. I like how it can look smart and work appropriate, or fun and party like, depending on the fabric you choose.


And the back. Some good pattern matching on the bottom of the skirt, but it shifts away later. I spent ages trying to pattern match as best I could where I thought it mattered most, and although I didn’t end up with pattern matched seams throughout, it did mean that the stripes were at least in the same ballpark in the sections.


All in all, a success of a dress. Here is my ‘Does my face look weird’ face for you all to enjoy.


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