DIY, Mending, Sewing

Mending- Mender’s Game

Just a quick little fix here today. I have this terrible habit of fiddling with stray threads on my clothes. usually, they just come out, but sometimes it turns out it was the hem and I now have to go the rest of this party knowing I have ruined the hem of my dress. Oops. Easily rectified, although annoying as I could have easily prevented such a thing with not being so fidgety.


Isn’t it such a pretty pattern? Luckily, fixing a hem is easy, especially when the raw edges are already serged and you have a press line to follow.IMG_1158

I did a messy slip stitch type thing by hand to sew it down, in a black thread so it’s basically invisible. Here is a trademark blurry photograph.IMG_1159

And there we have it, a dress rescued from the shame corner of the wardrobe and back onto the dancefloor! Or food fun feast with head bopping to Skrillex, whatever you fancy.



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