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Me-Made-May ’16- My Pledge

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This is very exciting. For anyone who may not know, Me Made May is the creation of Zoe of So, Zo…, where you challenge yourself to wear and love your handmade wardrobe. Each participant sets their own specific pledge, and the idea is to challenge yourself to get your makes into regular circulation, and to work out any holes in your handmade wardrobe, therefore utilising your sewing time in the future. It’s such a shame to spend precious time and energy on making something which then languishes unused, or else just isn’t your style or fit.

I have been finding the lead up to MMM’16 incredibly useful for my sewing productivity already. I pledged to use up all of the fabric in my stash before buying any more, making me more inclined to finish off all those ufo’s I have stuffed into a bag and hidden from sight, spurred on by the knowledge that in less than a month I will be relying on these clothes to dress myself every weekend. I’ve been finding that in a lot of cases my makes have been just a couple of small steps away from completion. A hem here, a dart rejig there, and I suddenly have a handmade wardrobe growing in front of my eyes! It’s very satisfying.

So onto my MMM16 pledge-

I, Lottie of Losori, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’16. I endeavour to wear handmade and refashioned outfits each weekend, prioritising mended and then second hand clothes for the remainder of the outfit. 

So, to expand on what that means. I have decided to only apply these rules during the weekends because I have just started a kind of snazzy job where I need to wear smart clothes. I’m making wish list plans for some great office appropriate clothes, but right now I’m nowhere near being able to wear homemade more than maybe once a week, unless polka dot gathered skirts have suddenly become office appropriate whilst I wasn’t looking! Someone let me know when they do, please…

I will be trying to wear as much homemade (or refashioned) clothing each day of my pledge, and choosing my outfits based on those items. After that, I will choose from my clothes I have mended, then secondhand, and finally, failing the above, from the remainder of my wardrobe. The reasoning behind this hierarchy is to make sure I actually wear the items I have extended the life of. After that, buying second hand is a great way to recycle clothing by giving it a new life, and my pledge will aim to embrace that in my outfit choices.

My aim is to record my weekend outfits on my instagram, and write up a post about them weekly. I don’t really want to super commit to that though, as I’m not sure how busy I’ll be in May, see aforementioned new job. Be sure to check out the action on #MMM16, for me one of the best parts of Me-Made-May is seeing everyone else’s makes out in the wild.

Thanks for reading, and happy Me-Made-May 2016! Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a skirt with no waistband calling to me…


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