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My Style- Moving and a Pledge

Hello party people of the internet! I’m moving into a new place which means I’ve been without internet until today. I now feel super connected, the internet is wonderful. Never leave me, internet. As a result, I’ve not been doing much making of things, but I have been doing wearing of things. I mean, of course I have, I’m not an animal.

Shirt and Jumper- H&M, Trousers- Uniqlo, Coat and Brooch- Second Hand 


I call this look ‘Ok all of my stuff is everywhere on the floor but I have to leave the house to work out the bins I can’t look too terrible I guess’ It’s pretty simple but does include a dearly beloved wool cashmere angora coat and some of the most stylish trousers to ever feature an elastic waistband.IMG_1107

Look, the sun! Don’t stare directly at it, it might get shy and go away again. I love my new Docs but I wish they weren’t still at the destroy your feet stage.IMG_1108

This brooch was my mum’s and shows that she is a member of the Puffin books club. It’s so cute.

Jumper and Jeans- H&M, Shirt- Second Hand, Shoes as before

My second look here is called ‘Ok I won’t be wearing these shoes out because they hurt but I still think they look good so let’s pretend it’s part of the outfit’. IMG_1110

Here you can see one of the patches I’ve put on the jeans where a hole appeared. It’s a spotty fabric, and I like them.IMG_1111

So, this leads me onto the second part of my post. Now, I don’t have a huge stash of fabric/ wool, but moving made me realise it’s still too big. So, I have decided that until I work my way through my existing collection, I am not to buy any new wool or fabric. I will allow zips, buttons, etc, if that’s needed to be able to use what I already have, but I’m hoping the restriction will force me to look and actually use what I have, rather than let them languish in a cupboard.

That’s it for now, see you again next time!



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