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Mismatching Regia Socks

When I first started out knitting I received a present of a couple of balls of Regia 4 fadig sock wool, and a magazine by the same company with patterns in. As soon as I was a confident enough beginner, I made my first pair of socks! They are so warm and I have worn them proudly for a couple of years now.


The sign of well loved socks. And still no holes! In comparison to my shop bought socks they’re troopers, just rather more felted than they used to be.IMG_1073

So many fibres.

Recently, whilst clearing out a drawer I found a nearly finished sock in the same wool which I had forgotten about. I declared to no one in particular that I was to finish these socks as soon as possible.


However, I found myself with a problem. I definitely didn’t have enough of the original wool to make the second sock. What I did have was a ball of the same wool in a different colourway. So, necessity being the mother of invention…


Voila! My deliberately mismatching socks. As modeled by my in my pj’s. These are from Fat Face and I thought would be fitting (or I just didn’t want to get out of loungewear) for such cosy socks. As you can see I got about a third of the way down the leg pattern before I ran out. These are definitely not the tightest socks I’ve made- you might be able to see above the gap on the blue sock’s foot where I can’t have knitted across the needles well enough. However, I’m hoping that’ll not matter so much once they’ve been worn a few times.IMG_1080

These were knitted with double pointed needles, in keeping with the pattern. I’ve never used circular needles for socks, does anyone have a preference having tried both? Also a front shot showing the ugly toe shaping on the orange pair. Oh yeah, these are definitely more orange than red in real life, the lighting when I took these was dazzling.IMG_1082

One of my favourite things about this pattern is the way the heel is worked. No heel flaps and it makes the heel look like shop bought ones. My magazine is translated, I think from German, and the heel instructions are incredibly difficult to navigate. I almost gave up on my first pair they were so confusing. Thank goodness for the internet. I found a perfect tutorial on Tess Knits for the heel, written in an easy format and with pictures! I couldn’t have done it without you, Tess Knits :’).IMG_1078

The leg pattern was fast to knit up, it only had 4 or 5 lines to it but created these cool bobble type things. I wish the coloured bit photographed better, it’s lovely in real life.IMG_1075

Side by side. I really liked the making do vibe this project took, plus the fact I found the first sock half finished made it feel like I only had to put in half the work to finish. No Second Sock Syndrome here!IMG_1074

So there we have it. Stash busting socks, ready for years of service alongside their sister socks. At ease, soldiers.


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