My Style

My Style-1960’s Uni

Hey there, I hope you’re all having a good Monday. Monday’s often remind me of the feeling of getting back to studies after the weekend, and to complement that here’s a look I love which reminds me of such studies.

IMG_1030If I went to University in the 1960’s, I would have definitely have worn something like this. In fact, I wore many things just like this whilst at Uni but a year ago. Ah, nostalgia…

IMG_1035.JPGYou all get to wonder at my growing out hair and my confusion as to which direction it goes in. I love this dress. It’s really old now but it fits me really well and makes me feel like a vintage elf, which is no bad thing. I love the oversized buttons.


That’s it for today folks! Thanks for reading. I hope your Monday reminds you of the cool studious life, not the stressful bits.


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