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Mending: Awkward Jeans

I like to think of myself as a pretty cool person. I wear clothes made out of duvets, knit jumpers with owls on them, and watch videos of roller coasters I’m not ever likely to ride. But occasionally something happens which shakes my perfectly awesome image. I was showing off my yoga skillz in my favourite pair of jeans, when, during the demonstration of the tree pose, there was an almighty riiipp…

IMG_0920Oh dear. I suffered a rather embarrassing tear in the crotch area. These jeans were second hand to begin with and had been worn a great deal by me since then, so some may say it was only a matter of time and I should cut my losses.  IMG_0921I think differently. Jeans often don’t fit me very well but these fit me great, plus the grey seems to go with pretty much my whole wardrobe. Plus, denim has so many environmental problems, it seems important, in a small way, to make these ones last as long as possible. So, I endeavored to mend them. The best thing for this would be a patch. I didn’t need it to look amazing, since it would be a bit odd to have a decorative patch, er, there. IMG_0922You don’t need a lot to patch, and since this will be primarily on the inside of the jeans it doesn’t have to be a beauty, either. You will just need some fabric (enough to cover the hole and similar to the fabric of the garment. So, keep woven with woven, stretch with stretch, thin with thin and so on. This method works best on woven fabrics.) pins, and a needle and thread. Oh, and some scissors too. IMG_0923Pin the fabric to the wrong side of the jeans (or whatever you’re patching), making sure to cover the hole completely.IMG_0924
This is what it will look something like on the right side.

IMG_0929Then, starting in the middle of an edge (it’ll make the end smoother than fiddling about with starting at a corner), sew the patch on. I used a blanket stitch but you could probably use a backstitch and be fine, if you wanted. The fabric I used for the patch was a bit prone to fraying, so I thought this would help it stay intact the best.IMG_0931This is it finished on the right side of the fabric. I could have made the stitches more even and smaller but to be honest I don’t mind too much, and it’s not like anyone will see the stitches unless I feel an urge for the yoga again.IMG_0933To reinforce it, I back stitched over the edge of the tear, at the point at which the fabric is sturdy and unbroken. This is to prevent the tear from getting any bigger. I also did a few stitches across the black woven threads which remain (I think they’re the weft? I always get the two confused), to anchor them down a bit too.IMG_0934And this is what the back looks like. It took me no time at all and now I can wear my favourite jeans again without fear of over exposure. Excellent.


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