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I Made an Owls Jumper

IMG_0918It’s been flooding, our Christmas decorations are still up and there’s still the odd shoe I still need to unpack, but none of that stops my excitement because I made a jumper! This jumper. These photos were taken with wet hair, the sky grey like it was still hungover from New Year’s Eve, and a touch of awkward-me. It’s a charming mix. I don’t care, I’m still so frikking pleased with myself for having made this jumper! It’s the Owls pattern by Kate Davies, which I have wanted for ages before getting it and the wool last Christmas. It’s knit with a nice chunky wool and circular needles, so it grows satisfyingly quickly. Even with that, I started this jumper back in 2014, before I got bogged down in University stuff, so picked it up after  I graduated and finished it a day or two ago.

The wool is called Sweet Briar Chunky with 30% wool, 70% acrylic. This should mean I can wash it in the washing machine… here’s hoping. It’s in this lovely dark blue with almost a greyish tone to it, which works really well being showcased in this pattern, given the large plain sections, whilst also giving the owls a space to shine. I’m already seeing it as a key member of my wardrobe. Plus, it is so warm! It might be the warmest jumper I have, which should get me through the rest of winter nice and toasty.

IMG_0915Picture of me contemplating the flooding (which, if you can believe it, is actually quite low right now in comparison to about a week ago) in order to show you the construction of the jumper a bit more. You knit the body up the the armpits, then the sleeves, then you connect them all together on your circular needles to create the cabled yoke and neck. This gives a really nice unbroken pattern, plus no seams to deal with means when you’ve finished knitting you’re pretty much done. You just have to weave in your loose threads and sew the underarms together with four stitches you put on scrap yarn, which was quite fiddly and needed a bit of jiggery pokery to make sure I didn’t have like a massive hole in the armpit region. I haven’t blocked it, and I think I probably should but eh, not until I’ve told everyone I made a really big knot which created a fabric which I can wear. Knitting is cool.IMG_0919Can you see the owls? This was my first time using cables and it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. This may come down to this pattern being perfect for confident beginners. If you’ve done knitting with instructions before and dealt with increases, decreases etc then you should be able to make your way through this. The pattern has an option at the end to sew buttons on for the owl’s eyes, but I quite like it as it is. Firstly, because I really liked the look of Lauren’s version, plus I like the way the owls are sort of revealed to you as you look, like some kind of magical knitting phenomenon.


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