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Woven Plastic

It’s Christmas time, which means I’m at my parent’s home to spend it with the family. Each time I come back I try to clear a bit more of my room, and this time I stumbled upon an old project to knit a bag with plastic yarn, or plarn as some call it. a few years ago I diligently cut up strips from plastic bags, knotted them together, and I had quite  a lot left still. The bag was a complete failure (One of the bags was compostable and so had dissolved within the knit. That was a ‘mare to hoover up.), but I thought in the spirit of tidying up and zero waste, I would do something with the still usable yarn. I was just playing about really.


This one was made with the side of a Ritz cracker box, with slits cut on both ends at 1cm denominations. Make sure to cut them long enough, or the yarn will keep trying to slip out. IMG_0898

I used a combination of quite soft plastic yarn for this one, so it’s got a nice, flexible loose weave feel to it. I haven’t sorted out the loose ends yet. In any case, this worked out way better than I expected it to.


Full of the success of my first attempt, I strung up a bigger one with a load of plastic yarn from some big black bag thing. Ooh, look how nice it’s looking already. Hang on…


I had found this plastic basket with slots which looked a perfect distance and width for my next project. I got to about here, when I realised my stupid mistake. Have you worked it out yet? Yup, I had trapped the weave in the basket, with no way of getting it off then it was finished. Nice one.


I had to cut the ends (whilst holding my breath somewhat), and knot them up, as you can see in the above photo. Despite that stupid decision, I think this one turned out pretty snazzy. I love the colours, it looks like a seascape. I think the top bit of blue must have been some packaging for a parcel, because there was loads of it and it was way stiffer than the plastic which was clearly a shopping bag. This made a much more rigid ‘fabric’.


I’m not sure what I’m going to do with these. I’ve still got some yarn left so I might make some more and try some sewing with them, or I’ll frame or canvas mount them, because I think they look great in their current form. IMG_0896

Right, I’m off to wrap some final presents and knit some more of a jumper (I can’t wait to show it to you guys when it’s finished), assuming the cats haven’t made a bed of it. Speak soon!



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