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Mending Profile- Gloves

Winter is properly here and as a result out comes the wool. I actually really like layering up (plus I am one of those people who seems to be almost perpetually cold as soon as September rolls around), and so you’ll find me wearing gloves most days. I currently have three pairs but when I took them out of storage I realised that all three had holes. Cold thumbs! Oh no, what are we going to do? I mended these bad boys, of course.

IMG_0872So to start, we have these vintage leather gloves. I’ve had these for a couple of years and they’ve softened up nicely, but unfortunately the thumb seam had fallen apart. IMG_0870

I simply followed the holes with some contrasting thread. It turns out sewing leather by hand feels super gross, so be prepared.IMG_0871

I’m a big fan of visible mending, the act of showcasing the history of an object, rather than hiding it. Do take a look at Tom of Holland if you’re interested in seeing how this can be utilised to beautiful effect. I wish I owned one of those mended jumpers!IMG_0873

Secondly, there’s this cashmere pair I got for pennies from ebay last year. Cashmere= soft and lovely. It also equals easily worn down in heavily used areas. Ah. Maybe not the best glove material. IMG_0876

A big hole in the thumb, which I darned up. I like the look of the weave.IMG_0880

Also, bonus mend, the other thumb had a hole. I’d actually mended this before, but a hole had developed next to it. Hey, there’s always room for another darn. Man I’m old before my time. IMG_0882

Finally, there’s this black pair of gloves. These are a very generic, cheap pair, but I think it’s a tiny act of rebellion against consumerism or something by forcing a garment to survive longer than it was originally produced for. Take that, fast fashion!IMG_0885

Another thumb hole, another darn. I like this one, it’s such a pleasing circle.


So, what I think I’ve learnt from this is that I could get rid of the cheap gloves (not the leather ones, they’re nice) and invest in some quality ones, but I don’t want to. I like fixing things, making them usable again and rescuing my thumbs from chillyness. Now let’s stop before I start getting all sentimental about darning.


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