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My Red Corduroy Delphine Skirt

So I’ve been reading sewing blogs for a few years now, before I even had a sewing machine of my own. One of these was called Tilly and the Buttons.  I liked Tilly’s aesthetic and style a lot. I was very excited to see her on the Great British Sewing Bee series 1.  Man, did I feel cool saying to people ‘I read her blog’. It was a great day when she started releasing patterns. This skirt is from her book Love at First Stitch, which is perfect for beginners, because you’re making cute clothes as you learn!

This is my impression of an autumn leaf.

This simple A-line skirt is made from red corduroy, which is nice and thick, making this a great winter skirt. Ah man, was it a pain to cut though! I really should get some better fabric scissors, but wow could you feel it in your wrist afterwards. It was a real workout, if your goal is for toned palms or whatever. Other than that, this was a breeze to sew up, the instructions are very clear and well photographed. The waistband came up slightly too large, and I really should have used a lining fabric for the inside of the waistband to cut down on bulk- all those layers weren’t kind on my machine, but it doesn’t make much of a difference now it’s on rotation in my wardrobe.

That being said, there is one area I certainly struggled on. Are you ready to see it?

IMG_0830My eyes, my eyes. Oh boy, that invisible zip. It’s ugly, but it works. I think I didn’t quite pin it all correctly, plus I know I didn’t use the right foot. My sewing machine is a second hand model from the 70’s (it looks it too- it’s an amazing classic 70’s browny-cream) and as such I looked at all the feet and couldn’t find one which looked like the zip feet I saw on the internet.


So, I make something wobbly and rather messy looking. I continued my sewing life and toyed with buying an invisible zip foot which may or may not work with my machine. Then, about a day ago I took a second look at my feet, and I realised that a really strange looking one (which I couldn’t identify its use at all) actually was a zip foot! My sewing machine knew what it was doing all along. I might well up.

IMG_0835Funny little thing, isn’t it? I’m not surprised I didn’t work it out. Especially as googling it comes up with stuff like this-

invisible zip
Wait, there was one like mine in this search, hidden in plain sight.

The white plastic bit is the foot, and the metal bit moves according to which side of the needle you need it. Nifty, eh? I have since used it to great results. It’s good to feel like you’re improving your skills, even if it’s because the way to be better was not noticed by you originally.




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