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Super Hero Costume

IMG_0799My sister contacted me about a super hero themed event coming up, and of course I jumped at the chance to make her own super hero costume. Since it was coming up to Guy Fawkes night at the time, plus I thought it would be cool to do, I decided to design a firework themed get up. She’d be an explosive presence, doing cartwheels around the baddies with her sparkling personality. Sorry, that was awful.

IMG_0794I started with this charity shop dress, originally from H & M. It was about £5.49 or something. I really liked the shape of the skirt and I thought it had interesting lines, plus it was plain enough that refashioning it would be pretty straight forward.

IMG_0795What I didn’t like about the dress was the bow. Too fussy. But that was easily rectified. Out come the seam rippers!

IMG_0796Much more of the blank canvas I was looking for. So, I wanted to create a kind of v shape with white ribbon, going from the shoulders to the waistline. I felt like that would be a pretty efficient way to make it look like a super hero costume, over just a dress with fireworks on it. I pinned it down and basically adjusted it whilst trying it on (sorry sis) until it lay pretty well. When sewing it on I was aware that it was a jersey fabric with a woven one so I stretched the fabric just a little as I sewed with a zigzag, so it would lay reasonably flat when stretched as worn.

IMG_0797It’s not perfect and it still buckled a little, but I think that partly came with the territory of the fabrics. Next came the painting. I got three tubes of glitter fabric paint, they came in squeezey containers. Just in case the paint spread through to the other side of the fabric, I folded a plastic bag underneath. It wouldn’t be a great costume if it was just stuck together…

IMG_0798I started in the middle and made a kind of motif.

IMG_0801For the bigger fireworks I tried out shapes with tailors chalk first. When the painting was done I left it to dry overnight. The colours became a lot stronger after that.

I thought a nice touch would be for my sister to have matching gloves. Maybe they have powers in them. Power Gloves! Maybe not. So, these are just some from online, painted by me in a similar style.


Although my current blog posts suggest it, I actually don’t make things for other people that often, so the fact by sis liked the costume is a massively great thing for me. This was a really simple way of making a costume and you could make a series of different ones using the same techniques. I haven’t conquered stretch fabrics yet though, my true nemesis…


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