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Nedroid inspired Halloween costumes


This Halloween Michael and I dressed up as Reginald and Beartato from Nedroid. If you haven’t seen this website before I highly recommend it. It’s full of very funny web comics and I can sometimes get lost on there for ages, in a good way. Anyway, so we decided on Michael being Reginald and me being Beartato (He’s a bear crossed with a potato- you might be learning things about my sense of humour here) ages before, and I said I’d make the costumes. It felt like an interesting challenge for me, plus I recognise that it’s pretty niche- I mean, I’m not going to find a bear potato costume in a charity or fancy dress shop any time soon.


So, time passed and I got busy, and before we knew it the day before Halloween was here and I hadn’t made the costumes. Oh dear. Luckily, I had the foresight to get the materials needed in advance, so I was able to rustle these up in an evening. Because of making these pretty quickly, I didn’t take any progress pictures, but since they’re pretty simply designs it should hopefully be reasonably understandable. We’ll see.


Let’s start with Reginald. I used a blue hoody Michael already owned which is in a pretty similar shade of blue to the comic, which meant I already had the bulk of the body created. The downside was that I couldn’t cut it up or use anything except hand stitching. If I could have done, I would have made wings in a similar way to how Annika made these bat wings in her recent Make Thrift Buy video. However, this did make it a great project to do whilst watching TV so, you know, swings and roundabouts.

To make the wings I taped a load of paper together, spread one of the arms up on top of them, and drew from the cuff to the armpit, and then down to where I wanted the wings to end. I then created a wing like curve from one to the other. I cut this shape out of lining fabric 4 times, then sewed those right sides together, then turning them out to create a wing. Lastly, I folded the raw ends in, pinned them to the hoody, and whip stitched to Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends.


I made an error here, in that I had the sleeves perpendicular to the body. This meant that the picture above shows almost the limit to how much he could lift his arms. Oops. Well, it’s only for a costume for one night so it doesn’t matter too much, but I definitely would BEAR (‘Boo, that doesn’t even apply to this costume’) that in mind next time. The eyes are just black felt circles. I sewed them over the hoody end for perspective reasons, and sewed them down on the inside so they bent in a little bit, rather than flapping outwards which would look potentially creepy. That wasn’t really the look I was going for. M made an origami beak and we’re done here!


So, onto Beartato. I made a plan for this one.



Apart from the hoop skirt style shape (which I just dumped because of time, it would have taken so much longer), I stuck pretty close to this plan. The body is just two squares, having sewn the various felt eyes, mouth and nose on one of them. I saved the painting of the teeth until I had finished. I left gaps on the side seams for my arms, and gathered the neckline to create a more Beartato like shape. I originally planned to gather the bottom as well, but when I tried it on at this point I actually really liked the shape, and was worried that gathering the bottom would distort the face (which I’m really pleased with- the placement is pretty close to the original I like to think) too much. I also omitted the wool arms, as I just thought it would over complicate the design. So, I just hemmed the bottom, painted the teeth with black fabric paint, and I was done.





I’m pretty pleased with these costumes. Sure, a lot of people didn’t know what we were, but it was a lot of fun to dress up as something you really enjoy, so it didn’t matter. Lesson learnt- buy your materials in advance, kids.



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